James Carruthers

Product & Service / Research & Design

I enjoy simplifying the chaotic and complex into simple, streamlined and user-friendly products and services.

I help organisations integrate research and design disciplines, driving business-value with user-centric solutions.

I have lead and built teams, mentored and coached c-suite and managers towards user centred design, modern product management and delivery methodologies.

I have designed websites, mobile and tablet apps and operating systems, desktop applications, digital and physical services, policy and regulation, workflows and dashboards.

I have worked at agencies such as Fjord Accenture, EY Seren and Signal Noise.

I have worked in the public sector at the Department for International Trade, HMRC, Parliament and the Financial Conduct Authority.

I have worked with organisations and brands such as Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Aviva, Visa, Lloyds Bank, Barclaycard, Standard Bank ZA, News International, Vodafone, Sony, Sony Ericsson, JP Morgan, Skype, YouTube and Facebook.

On the side I channel my creativity and design skills into inventing and designing hardware and software for music, art and automotive.

I have spoken at events such as London Creative Coding, Visualising Data London and CV FREQS.

PlotterXY Plotter - a CoreXY pen plotter made from 3D printed parts and aluninium extrusion

My plotter artwork - art made with a robot and a pen

CANGauge - a library for creating automotive dashboards for OLED screens

Spectrum Sequencer - a eurorack modular synthesiser sequencer prototype

Nobots Double Buff eurorack module - a eurorack buffered mult module

Nobots Double Mix eurorack module - a eurorack unity mixer module