James Carruthers
Lines Terrain


James is an artist and designer based in London, England. He trained at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication.

How do you create the images?

Most of the images are created by code using a bespoke software library. It's a mix of maths and art. Due to the analogue nature of the process, each artwork goes through many iterations to determine paper, pen along with pen speed and force. It's impossible to know exactly what the final artwork will look like until it's made.

How are the drawings made?

The drawings are produced using pen plotters from the 1980s. Think of it like a robot moving a pen.

What kind of materials do you use?

A lot of time is spent testing combinations of different pens and papers. All paper and pens are archival quality which ensures the artwork lasts for as long as possible.

How long do the drawings take to make?

The drawings can take anywhere from twenty minutes to several hours, depending on the complexity. Often things can go wrong, such as a pen momentarily going dry, which means it needs to be started again with a fresh pen and piece of paper. A plotter is nothing like a printer, it is very hands-on as a process needing careful attendance.

How big can you make a drawing?

The maximum size is 600 x 400mm

Do you take on commissions?

Over the years I have taken on several commissions. Availability depends on how busy I am and/or how exciting your project is.